Stjórnsýsluhús Dalabyggðar,
    Miðbraut 11,
    370 Búðardal,
    kennitala: 510694-2019
    Sími: 430 4700

The municipality elections 2018


Dear voter,

Welcome to the electoral roll in Dalabyggð.

As this is the first time you will be voting here in Dalabyggð, we would like to go over a few practical matters regarding the municipal elections on 26 May.


Where can I vote?

The municipality’s polling station(s) is/are: Dalabúð, Miðbraut 8, Búðardalur. Polling stations are open from 10:00 to 22:00.

You can search for your name in the electoral roll at to see where you vote. If you are unable to vote on election day you can cast an absentee ballot. Further information on pre-election voting can also be found on


How does the voting take place?

When you have identified yourself by showing your identification (passport), you will be handed a ballot. You take the ballot with you into the voting booth and use the pencil there to make an X by the party of your choice. (If there are no candidates, you must write out the names of those you wish to vote for.) You then fold the ballot and put it in the ballot box.  Don’t do anything else with the ballot, as that may invalidate your vote.


Am I on the electoral roll?

Did you move to a new address recently or are you a foreign citizen? Go to and search for your name to see if you are registered on the electoral roll. Foreign citizens earn the right to vote in municipal elections when they have resided in Iceland for a specified number of years.


Further information

The website contains a wealth of practical information for voters. The municipality’s website ( has information on polling stations and the parties running in the municipal elections. Information on the candidates and their policies in municipal matters can be found on the websites and social media accounts of the parties.


Best regards,

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